Greylock Propery Management

Tom Greenwood


In 1974, in the UK, I started with a Danish furniture company that supplied corporate office furniture to international companies who had offices in London. The job was primarily hands-on installations of teak and rosewood office systems.

In 1976 I was offered a chance to conduct facilities installations for Chase Manhatttan Bank, as they were looking for someone to travel to the Middle East where they were expanding in the Persian Gulf. I did this for almost two years before returning to London full time where I worked until 1979.

I moved to the Berkshires in 1979 to undertake the restoration of a 200-year-old farmhouse just south of Williamstown. After the restoration period my wife and I moved into the house and started a family. From that time on I was interested in home construction and architecture and started my own business in 1983.

Working with my crew full-time was an ideal way to see how things were done. It was a learning curve that didn’t level out until twenty years had gone by. Still, new materials and methods keep coming along so the learning phase is truly endless. In 2015, having passed the 32-year mark, I was ready to move to full -time property management. Undoubtedly the years spent building houses and restoring older homes provided me with a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and that here was a way to put this experience to good use.

Tom Greenwood